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The YP and the PAC Interviews

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Recently, the Charleston Metro Chamber’s Political Action Committee (CMCCPAC) announced their endorsement of a candidate for Mayor of the City of Charleston. Did you know that a YP was participating in those interviews? Patrice Heyward, BerkeleyElectric Co-op, represented CYP in the Chamber’s Mayoral interviews. Thanks to Patrice for taking the time to be a part of these important interviews. This is just another way that Charleston Young Professionals are helping to make a difference in our region.

Heyward, Patrice

Patrice Heyward


August 18, 2015

Charleston, SC – The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee (CMCC PAC) announced today, August 18, their endorsement of Leon Stavrinakis as Mayor of the City of Charleston. The CMCC PAC vetted five of the seven candidates running for mayor and voted on Monday, August 17 to endorse Stavrinakis.

In order to be considered for the CMCC PAC endorsement, candidates were first asked to complete a questionnaire outlining their views on a number of key issues of importance to the Chamber. Questions included their view on completion of I-526, the extension of the Glenn McConnell parkway, Port development and the proposed passenger cruise terminal, among others. Five of the seven candidates completed the questionnaire and were then interviewed by a panel of Chamber members that included the CMCC PAC Board of Directors as well as representatives of the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee and Charleston Young Professionals. Each candidate was asked the same set of questions and then rated using a scoring sheet.

The CMCC PAC Board and Chamber Board of Directors spent the past year discussing the qualities and attributes most important in the selection of the next Mayor of Charleston. Among those key qualities included the ability to partner with the business community on top metro issues, work closely with public officials at the local state and federal levels on advancing the region, lead in a crisis and bring together diverse groups to build support on issues.

“One of the most important aspects was to find a candidate with a true regional perspective and the ability to balance the future with the past,” said David Hand, CMCC PAC Chairman. “We looked for a candidate that had a proven record as a coalition builder and someone with strong existing relationships with local, state and federal officials, regardless of party. We believe that Leon Stavrinakis is the right candidate to serve as the next Mayor of Charleston.”


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