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Young Professionals Meet with Mount Pleasant Leaders to Discuss Responsible Growth

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WRITTEN BY ewright 3 years ago
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Mt. Pleasant currently faces issues regarding development and responsible growth.  With more than 25,000 new jobs expected to flood the region in the next five years, the population will undoubtedly increase.

During CYP’s 2015 Roadmap, Chairman, Tradd Rodenberg, announced that our network would mobilize our members to support responsible growth. As a first step in fulfilling this promise, members of CYP’s YPs for Responsible Growth Task Force met with The Honorable Mayor Linda Page, Councilman Mark Smith and Councilman Chris O’Neal for the first of many collaborative discussions around this issue.

The major takeaway from this discussion is urgent need for young professionals to show up and speak up regarding issues that impact their lives.  According to Mayor Page, “our story is not being told” because we’re not present.  Young professionals in attendance, many of whom are new to the area, shared that their lack of involvement is due to them not knowing how to get involved.

Moving forward, CYP, working closely with the YPs for Responsible Growth Task Force, will work to foster regional involvement among our members by providing the necessary information to encourage active participation in community affairs.

If you currently live in Mount Pleasant and are interested in serving on the YPs for Responsible Growth Task Force, please contact CYP Director, Erica Wright at or 843.805.3002.

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