Visioning Conference to focus on Regional Scorecard

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WRITTEN BY lclark 4 years ago
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This month’s Visioning Conference will focus on the 2014 Regional Economic Scorecard. The 2014 Regional Economic Scorecard is the fifth annual assessment of the Charleston-area’s three-county region. The Scorecard measures economic progress compared to six similar metro areas and two leading economies.

The ideas is to provide the region’s business, government, community and academic leaders with unbiased data to help focus a collective effort to address our weaknesses and maintain positive momentum. Specifically, we will focus on the four critical issues for economic success: transportation, innovation, education and talent. Please take a moment to review the scorecard and, in the comments section, let us know which issue you think is most important.

Another way you can get involved is to comment on the Economic Scorecard Forum.  Read what others in the community are saying, and join the conversation about challenges and opportunities facing our region.


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