Responsible Growth Required for a Global Metro

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We’ve been talking about responsible growth a lot lately, especially in the Mount Pleasant area. Recently, the Town Council decided to move forward with their Growth Management Plan. Below you’ll find the Chamber’s statement regarding the town’s decision.


Despite recommendations made by a panel of interdisciplinary experts after studying Mount Pleasant’s Growth Management Plan, a decision was made to move forward with the plan as is.

At a public forum held Thursday, August 6 in Mount Pleasant, a panel engaged by the Urban Land Institute South Carolina (ULI SC) made several recommendations for change including an adjustment to the size of the urban overlay district to allow for areas of varied density.

“The communities that comprise Greater Charleston are having unprecedented growth as we are now an international destination for employers, talented employees and capital investment,” said Bryan Derreberry, President & CEO, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. “We have a clear choice in readying our cities and towns to respond to this change in population and how they will look and feel in the years ahead. We can pro-actively plan and anticipate for it or ignore the density realities associated with growth. Unfortunately, Mt. Pleasant’s elected officials chose to ignore ULI’s recommendations for effectively managing their community’s future growth.”

The ULI study was made possible by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, for an unbiased, fair and honest assessment of the plan. A full report from the ULI Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) will be made available on the Chamber website when it is received in September.

View the ULI panel’s presentation:


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