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Curious About George- Young Professional, Super Lobbyist

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WRITTEN BY lclark 2 years ago
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During the legislative session, the Chamber’s full time lobbyist spends most of his days in Columbia, representing the interests of Chamber members at the State House. George started working for the Chamber as the Business Advocacy Director in 2013 and became the Chamber’s full-time lobbyist in January 2016. Prior to his work at the Chamber, George spent more than 10 years in government affairs as a political operative and legislative aide on the federal and state levels.

George’s playbook during the Legislative session is the Legislative Agenda, which is a set of state-level goals George works to achieve by the end of session.  Last year, the Chamber celebrated a 100% pass rate of the 2016 Legislative Agenda.

While session was out, George helped us put together this handy State House Guide, which gives you everything you need to understand how the South Carolina Legislature works, including how a bill becomes a law and a glossary of terms so you can speak with authority.  We are in for an eventful year on all levels of government, and now is as good a time as any to be in the know, so we hope you will use this guide to stay up-to-date with the political happenings in our state.

We want you to know George a little bit better, so we asked him a few questions:

Home town:

York, SC


Clemson University


Political Science, Bachelor of Arts

If you could have a super
power, what would it be?


Where’s Waldo?

Del Boca Vista with the Seinfeld’s

Rock, Paper or Scissors?


What is the first thing you
would do with a million dollars?

Buy a sportfisher

As a child, what did you want
to be when you grew up?

Professional baseball player

Favorite amendment:


Favorite book:

Bad Boy: The Life and Politics of Lee Atwater

Favorite food?


Favorite sports team?

2016 National Football Champions, The Clemson Tigers.
[Editors note: I did have just the Clemson Tigers, but then George reminded me of their full title]

Favorite color?



You can follow George on Twitter: @chaslobbyist and sign up to receive The Advocates– a weekly email directly from the Chamber Lobbyist on State House issues that matter to you.


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